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We've been in business for over FIVE YEARS! Already!



Duffy Weber - Voice Actor and Computer Programmer

Hi everyone!

I am Duffy Weber, a voice actor and audio engineer designer geek. (I also write software, but that's not important here.

Welcome to Hula-Cow Studios.

Why Hula-Cow? Well, for one thing, we have a hula dancing cow at the top of the site, and for another you're not going to forget that, any time soon, now are you? ; )

Located in Cincinnati, the studio is small - very small - but equipped with state-of the art software and equipment.

We specialize in character voice, but are available for radio, web and ad VA, as well, and are capable of helping with SFX and other audio production.

Hula Cow is ipDTL, phone-patch, and Skype capable, and can deliver cleaned, noiseless tracks ready to be placed into your game (or ad/show/production/software/cartoon) in any format you like.

Give a shout if you need anything. I'm always happy to be of service.


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