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résumé - resume of voice overs


Voiceover Résumé for Duffy Weber

Dry Demo:
Main Demo:
shadows on the vatican cardinal brehmen police commissioner fortune teller   
Mystery of the Ancients - Deadly Cold (Mariaglorum Games)
tirek rare find my little pony mlp sotrybook app deluxe twilight's kingdom   
Christmas Stoeies 4: Puss in Boots - Basket Maker Cat
Fruit Ninja Kinect 2 - Han   
Atomic Pinball Collection  - Masks of Glory - the announcer
Shiver 4: Siren. The Lily's requiems143__n   
Entwined 2 - perfect murder
DIY Pole Barns
Revived Legends 2 - Titans' Revenge   
Top Shootout - The Saloon:  The Bandits
Heroes of Newerth - Katana Kane   
Top Shootout - The Pirate Ship
Flashback Stires - Riddles of the Past: The Sheriff   
Mystery Trackers 7 Blackrow's Secret Plague Doctor and Eddie

Death Knight Love Story - Prisoner Gladiator    

Bad Situation Prison Riot Jakub Pavlik
House of 1000 Doors: Evil Inside.  Gabriel, Simon, Hugo, The Yeti and the Space Monster   
Dangerous Games 2: Illusionist: Main Character's Husband
MyDesigner App turnstone Steelcase   
Awesome Polar Fishing
 (Ye Olde Radio Announcer)
MyDesigner App turnstone Steelcase   
60 seconds! game - the greenlight trailer:  Announcer
Audio Missing! = (
League of Light 3: Silent Mountain - Protagonist, Detective, City Watch Stone Mage   
Dead Cats Society
Surround the Leprechaun - RevanGames   
Dark Romance 2: Heart of the Beast - Gnome and Person   
Viking Pub - Revan Games : the Vikings, the Chef, and the Announcer
Haunted Hotel 9: Phoenix  - Duke   
Salt Lake Bees MiLB Baseball - Smith's Ballpark
Incredible Dracula; Chasing Love  - New Bridge Games: Narrator
Mystery Tales 3 - Chris the Bartender   
   Rats Cooking - Gemioli
Totem Rush
The Curio Society - Albert   
Mystery Trackers 10 - The Paxton Creek Avenger.  The Avenger. The avenger's Brother / the other avenger
City of Fallen Angels - The Orphaner   
Gemioli Yeti Sensation - The Yeti  the announcer, and the intro song
New York Mysteries 3: Lantern of Souls - The Security Guard   
Royal Detective 3 - Legend of the Golem
City of Fallen Angels - The Orphaner   
Dark Romance 4: Kingdom of Death : Leander the sailor.
Heroes of Newerth - Oderr the Fiery Viking   
Until I Have You - Steam - Ichi Octavio and the News Anchor Announcer
City of Fallen Angels - The Orphaner   
Mystery Case Files 14 - the broken hour - Sebastian Martin, Benjamin Wright
Soul Hunters - Aqua   
Loony Quack - All the ducks / quacks
Royal Detective 3 - Legend of the Golem   
Spirit of Revenge 4 - Florry's Well Voice of James Bolton
Hidden Expedition 11 - Midgard's End Museum Curator   
Heroes of Newerth - Goalie Lodestone
Heroes of Newerth - Ascension Dr. Repulsor   
Amaranthine Voyage 7 - Kato
Chimeras 4 Mortal Medicine - Dr. Edward Barnes   
Danse Macabre 6 - BAron Philip Mayer
Disco Party - Golden Bite Games Scienart - Butch Alvin and Rocko   
Royal Detective 3 - Legend of the Golem
New Retro Arcade neon - The Little Robot   
League of Light 4: The Gatherer - Sheriff and Main Player Character
Mystery of the Ancients 5 Mudwater Creek - the ghost and the reporter   
The Empty Room - Sarah J. Clemens Book Trailer Narration Duffy P. Weber
Incredible Dracula 2 - The Last Call. Narrator   
Adventure Dogs - Appreciate Games - Wyatt and Arthur
Secrets of Great Queens - Old Tower. Plotter Fake Ally Zach   
KU Leads Explainer video - University of Kansas
Hidden Expedition 13 - The Lost Paradise  (Bartender)   
Incredible Dracula III Family Secrest 3 - The Narrator
Currently No Audio
YouTubers: Game release day!!! Youtube Gaming - Mike Bettencourt. All voices, Duffy P. Weber   
Danse Macabre 7 - Florentine Elegy - the judge
YouTube Link - Game Release Day!!!
Hidden Expedition 14 - The Pearl of Discord   
Chimeras 5 mark of death scott richards and the goblin



And, of course, I'm the voice of most of the Zombie-Process characters.



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