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Audio Book Series: Drachen

We proudly supplied the narration and production for the Drachen series: a (mostly) lighthearted, sweet, interspecies rom-com.
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Drachen: Tropical Trouble / Drachen The Plot:

Drachen: Tropical Trouble - Duffy P. Weber - Audible Audiobook
Please note: 'Drachen' and 'Drachen: Tropical Trouble' are the same book. The original paperback went by
the shorter title, before the book became a series. Both paperback titles should link to the same audio story.

...but they don't. Due to the way Audible lists things, they show up as separate works.
The two are the same, word-for-word, and you can enjoy either.


Bicycles, epidemic outbreaks, and interspecies romance

Shenanigans and surprises ensue when a hyperactive middle-aged businessman hears about an epidemic reaching the small island where he grew up. He immediately volunteers himself AND his bicycle courier employees to go chasing around the isle as volunteer health services personnel for the relief effort's logistics team!

Meanwhile, Millie, a Drachen restaurateur and cook extraordinaire, and her half-Drachen daughter are helping to coordinate the effort island-side, and anticipating the arrival of Millie's oldest, dearest friend and his oddball crew.

But when one of the riders is injured right off the bat, Daavi may have bitten off more than he can chew, as he takes over as an impromptu courier, racing around the island on his own heavy, unglamorous little bike. And Millie might have a few surprises of her own for him....

Grab a radio and ride along in this (slightly bizarre) tale of action and interspecies romance, set in the tropics during an epidemic outbreak.




Drachen 2: In the city The Plot:

Drachen2: In the City - Duffy Weber - AudibleAudiobook

Young half-Drachen Rinn thought with she was going to have a nice, quiet trip to mainland to visit with her finally-reunited parents, Millie and Daavi.

Now, Daavi's missing, Millie is ill, Rinn's grandmother is being an insufferable pain in the tailfeathers, strange people are lurking around outside Daavi's workshop, corporate lackeys are trying to steal prototype equipment from radio towers, a slick salesman keeps hanging around - seemingly to be helpful - and a strange girl shows up on the doorstep.

And that's not to mention the drug dealers and knife-wielding maniacs.

Life in the city sure is different from the island.

Join Rinn on her "vacation" to the city in this wacky sequel to Drachen.





Drachen 3: Working Vacation The Plot:

Drachen 3 - Working Vacation : Audible Audio Books

Alex is bored. He's tired of being a sales rep for a communications company and getting sent off regularly to the middle of nowhere.

Luckily, he sees a golden opportunity: the chance to swap with Daavi, one of the company's contractors, and skipping off to a tropical island, instead, to help Daavi's business partner Fran implement a new accounting system.

Alex jumps at the chance for a sunny, low-key adventure and trades places with him, dragging his junior colleague Vivica along for the ride.

But Alex has forgotten that "adventure" and "vacation" aren't the same thing. He finds that island life has its pitfalls.

Daavi isn't off the hook, either. He's to travel out to a job site suspended over a ravine in a nature preserve. Aside from being mildly terrified of heights, Daavi has brought along his best friend Darryl, and their expectant wives Millie and Stella, which might not have been the best idea with a vengeful, disgruntled ex-employee from Alex's company skulking around with a personal axe to grind.

To top it all off, Millie's baby is almost due, and expecting Drachen mothers can be, as Daavi puts it "adorably unpredictable."

This could all end without incident. But it's unlikely.






Drachen 4: Clerical Errors The Plot:

Drachen 4: Clerical Errors by Duffy Weber - Audible Audiobook

Daavi and Millie think they're in for a treat.

They're taking Molly and Merrin - Millie and Daavi's new twins - packing their bags, and hopping a boat headed to Belvique for their assignment. Daavi's been hired, along his accounting systems designer Fran, and Motormouth - Fran's friend and interpreter - to set up accounting systems for three tiny neighboring countries.

They're mistakenly looking forward to a quick, easy job, followed by a week of prosaic scenery, some well-earned, highly paid time away in the beautiful countryside, and souvenir shopping. Not to mention sampling fine cheeses and wines as a bonus.

But they hadn't really planned on hobnobbing with the duke and his family, and they really hadn't planned on dealing with the people who their clients hired to install their new infrastructure: the Jenovian church of Belviqe. The church isn't what it seems, and unfortunately for Millie, Daavi, and their mixed-species tykes, one of the sect's main gripes seems to be with mixed-species families and individuals - even though their "high prophet" is one!

Laying low might not be an option with dignitaries and tee-vee cameras in their faces, so Millie and Daavi are going to have to be on their toes in this tale of diplomatic discord. They and Fran are going to have to juggle liaisons, ledgers, payrolls, and pontiffs, as well as a surprise appearance from Daavi's ex-wife!






Drachen 5: Leapin' Lizards The Plot:
Drachen 5 - Leapin' Lizards: Audible Audio Books

Paperback & Kindle Version - Drqchen 5: Leapin' Lizards

Ignoring all past experience with the term "adventure," Millie and Daavi have signed on for one.

Not quite neglecting the fact she is preparing for a big promotional event at her restaurant, which dignitaries and other very important people are likely to attend, Millie dons a rather charming straw hat and joins Daavi as he runs off to a deserted, rocky, sun-bleached isle, neighboring her own.

Daavi is recruited when the Department of Conservation needs a communications engineer to accompany them to hot, dusty Lea Island to help with their project: gathering lizards. The creatures are borrowed from their rocky little homes to help make antivenom, and they need to be transported quickly and safely from all over the island, in order to be useful.

That's where Millie comes in - she gets a chance to show off her hotshot piloting skills, flying them in and out on her remote-controlled aircraft, converted from a toy into a handy sky-lift for her pocket-sized passengers.

Fitz is along for the ride, to assist Millie and Daavi. Reptiles aside, he's looking forward to catching up with Rinn. Rinn, on the other hand, seems more than a little put out about a mysterious woman she keeps hearing about, with whom Fitz seems to be spending all his time.

And neither Daavi nor Millie are going to like it when another very familiar face shows up to work alongside them. Edward might be from Millie's past, but he's dead set on making Daavi miserable, and he's not above taking a swipe at Rinn, either.

Juggling love, lizards, relationships, and radio equipment, can Millie and Daavi avoid herpetological hazards, get done on Lea, and get Edward out of their hair in time for the gala? And can Fitz avoid getting brained by Rinn long enough to figure out who the mysterious girl he's supposedly rendezvousing with is?

As usual, everyone's bitten off way more than they can chew.






Drachen 6: Raking Mud The Plot:

Drachen 6: Raking Mud


Muddy waters....

When disaster strikes in the form of a mudslide, Verity Corp. steps up to the plate, sending a fleet of their best, brightest, and most capable.

That includes Daavi, to run communications, and their new darling, Millie, to perform survey, supply, and search flights with her little remote control aircraft. The staging area is a busy huge warehouse by the port, but all isn't as it seems. The warehouse staff seem more interested in keeping the relief personnel away from something than helping with the injured and homeless who are pouring in.

Daavi, Millie, and their friends are in for a brutal, heart-wrenching week, but it may turn deadly, in more ways than one, if they can't figure out what's going on in time.






Drachen 7: Corporate Climb The Plot:

Drachen 7: Corporate Climb


From minor glitches to major headaches....

Glitzy new tech and exciting computer gizmos galore are being showcased at Verity Corp's annual trade convention, and they really want Daavi to attend.

It's too bad he's not going to.

Having shouldered enough responsibility to last several lifetimes, Millie and Daavi finally take a well-earned break. Instead, he's trusting Fitz, Fran, and Stewart to take his place, in the hopes that they'll stumble across something that will finally help them all break into a new market, back home.

But the high-level executive who tracks them down on the convention floor was looking for Daavi, specifically, and it wasn't to talk about telephones and cash registers. Something is amiss, and her disappointment in finding Daavi isn't there turns to a rather concerning interest after finding out that Fran and Fitz might be capable of filling his shoes for a mystery project. One she's refusing to elaborate on yet.

Meanwhile, Daavi is unable to help, finding himself and Millie forced to remain on vacation in the mountains with their family, when they fail to account for the Winter weather that denizens of the tropics are never quite prepared for. Unfortunately, Fitz and Fran might desperately need him as they deal with under-the-table business dealings, and interdepartmental intrigue.

This particular corporate ladder may just lead into a pit.






Drachen 8: Lost and Found The Plot:

Drachen 8: Lost and Found

Drachen 8: Lost and Found


Daavi and family have again gotten pulled into one of Verity Corp's messes, and are going to have to help sort it out. It would be a lot easier if anybody knew what was going on.

The only thing for certain is Milo Baumann was found drugged and passed out face first on Millie's floor, Manuela's being chased by thugs who want something from her, and if anybody knows what that is, it's certainly not her.

Suspicion is that Manuela's been into some shady dealings, but she swears up and down that she hasn't, and while Daavi's inclined to believe her, nobody else is.

The question is: is she telling the truth, and if so, how can they figure out what the people chasing her are after before it's too late...









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