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Duffy P. Weber
"They're all my voice."

Currently our only fulltime voice actor. Makes up for that by using a lot of voices.

Duffy Weber

Hi everyone!

My name is Duffy, and in addition to owning an IT company and being a programmer (mostly databases. FoxPro, anyone?) I do voiceovers for games. I can also do commercials, animations, ads, etcetera, but I prefer to stick with game animation and voiceover. (I may also have written a very small textbook.)

If you need anything, give me a shout!

Dossier - Duffy Weber HUla-Cow Studios


Ilya Volkov
*via Vierarmig Music

Sound Effects, Game music.

Ilya Volkov

Ilya has been kind enough to have me on several game projects as his voiceover artist, and I'm always completely amazed at the quality of his music and SFX, and how well they perfectly suit the mood of the game. Gamedevs, check him out:

SFX and Music

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