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Welcome to Hula-Cow Studios! Click on a link above to learn more.

We are a digital recording and voiceover studio in Cincinnati, Ohio, specializing in video game, radio, cartoon, and character voice.
We also know a great SFX/music engineer. We now do audiobooks and audio book production!



9.4Kilohm summing box







- Custom Audio Widgets and Converters

We can make form-factor conversion boxes, summing cables and lots of other handy gadgets, if you can't quite find what you're looking for online.


NEW! The Hydra

Microphone passive XLR splitter with 3-way adjustable attenuation pad!

HYDRA XLR mic splitter with 3 position pad -5 -10 -15 dB Microphone splitter

Custom colors available!



- Questions?

We're always happy to be of service.

Get hold of us any time via our handy contact form below:


- Custom orders

Equipment is custom made. Enclosures are printed as needed and it is important to remember these are NOT produced in a factory - all are handmade and tested to exacting tolerances. Their appearance will vary, but their functionality will be unparallelled.


- Standard Items

Stereo-Mono Splitter/Joiner

Split stereo to single Left/Right channel or join two individual channels to stereo feed output.

Can use a switch jack fro the 1/4" (cuts the 1/8") or leave it active

Can convert form factors from 1/4" to RCA or 1/8" to RCA (both types) and from 1/4" to 1/8" (non-switched boxes only). $79.95 (custom colors available for $10)



Split your microphone passively to two channels for carefree recording. Adjust the pad at the click of a toggle switch, so you don't clip during loud bits. Never fiddle with your gain again during a session! $89.95 (custom colors available for $10)

Stereo to Mono Summing Boxes

Choice of 4.7K, 9.4K, 14.1K and 18.8K, 2W

Safely sum stereo to mono. Box includes 1/4" Stereo AND RCA/Phono style inputs, one 1/4" mono output.

Can sum all 4 channels. Can also split one mono channel to 2 or 4 channels (signal is halved for stereo, reduced for each additional split)

$49.95 - custom colors available for an additional $10


Channel Cutter

Small box with two 1/4" OR 1/8" inputs, two toggle swithces.

Independently cut L or R channel on a stereo feed.

$24.95 - custom colors available for an additional $10


Pop Filter

Charcoal foam filter membrane blocks the heaviest pops without affecting vocal quality. We can also do traditional nylon!

(Note: These are just something we whip up on the side. They're not especially polished looking, but they work GREAT, and they're fun.)


$24.95 - Additional colors available! Custom colors add $8. Custom logo add $20.



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